Hey all,

The Omni Door card-swipe system seems to be working at the moment. However, be aware there might be an issue that resurfaces.

I came upon the front door system and it was not working. This was strange because Marc was granting access to a gaggle of folks maybe an hour before. The laptop was off, the switch was off, and all the cords were a tangled mess. I re-built a new little shelf for the laptop/server, power strips, switch, etc that are in the southeast corner of the front room of the building. Everything is neatly organized, let's keep it that way!

The magnetic stripe card reader was giving me such guff! It really didn't want to work, and I tested every single component to try to figure it out. I swapped to a new USB hub with a power supply several times, but on my last try it miraculously went from non-working to working. I have no idea why.

I did, however, build a theory for the color code of the magnetic stripe card reader:
  • Red LED - power is on, problem with connection
  • Yellow LED - power is on, no connection
  • Green LED - power is on, connected
    • UNLESS the green LED turns off after just one swipe, in which case:
  • No light from LED - no power, possibly low power, or something else is happening I can't explain.
// Matt