Sorry -that last message was slightly garbled.

I only found emails from BAPS, and the only still-involved people on the list of  4 were me and Stephen.

So I think we should again request that each collective make a list of their members who meet the criteria and who want a key. If you are not affiliated with a collective and need a key, please make a request and the delegates can approve them.

Also, we never made the document referred to in #3 below. Anyone up for that?
  1. People will be eligible for a key if:
    1. They are a member of a member collective who has been identified by that collective as someone who needs a key. Each collective will make that decision by their own process to determine who is entitled to reasonable access and able to assume the responsibilities that come with being an Omni key holder.
      1. Some factors to consider are:
        1. Does the member need to open or close up the building?
        2. Does the member take responsibility for collective activities and events?
        3. Does the member participate in organizing the Omni or maintaining the building?
        4. Is the member someone who understands their responsibility to take care of the Omni and the people inside it, and who is trusted by the collective?
      2. The collective will enter the name and contact information for the member who will be given a key in the (contact manager spreadsheet)
    2. As an unaffiliated Omni volunteer, they ask for a key using this form (see below).
      1. (Which working group? A new Keymaster WG?) will review key requests and approve or deny them.
  2. All key holders will be required to give a key deposit of $5 which will be used to replace lost keys. Upon turning over their key to the (working group), the deposit will be returned.
  3. Keys will be given along with a document that states the benefits and responsibilities of being a key holder and how to close up the building. Not fulfilling the responsibilities may be grounds for having to return the key.
Thanks everyone,

On 10/6/15 11:42 AM, Laura Turiano wrote:
When the key policy was passed, BAPS did send a list of people who needed keys. As I recall, It was the only collective  to respond to that request, but I could be forgetting. I am about to find those emails and I will let BAPS and will let ya'll know.

In any case, each collective is supposed to identify who needs a key based upon the criteria in the key policy


On 10/6/15 11:36 AM, niki wrote:
Have the collectives been informed that their members will need new keys to access the space? 

I only ask because, despite knowing that this was upcoming at some point in the future, I didn't see any announcement as to an exact date when the locks were being changed. 

Forgive me if this was announced at a delegate's meeting and I am missing it - I just want to make sure that BAPS is aware in the event that class facilitators need to get keys in time for their classes this week.