Last night substack and myself hacked on door access. The door computer was down and it looks like some minor filesystem corruption. substack fixed the problem with help from yar.

It may not have been anything serious. A breaker had tripped and maybe the filesystem was just in the middle of a write when the computer lost battery. smartctl reports no major problems with the harddrive.

I worked on getting a beagle bone black set up with doorjam to replace the laptop. I had some troubles so I didn't quite finish, but it's pretty close. It is running a modified debian

I put it inside of the vending machine with the poster on it, toward the bottom. The box actually says "vending machine beagle bone" which is false.

Feel free to continue working on it, but read /root/INSTRUCTIONS before use.

If you have access to omnidoor.local you have access to this beagle bone.

The easiest way to talk to the bbb during development is to hook it up using a mini-usb cable. It will power on and you will see that you suddenly have a new network interface with the IP and you can now ssh into the bbb at (you will also get a storage device attached when you plug it in, but just ignore that).

It is set up with Debian 7 (we can move to the new version when the beagle bone developers move to it) with the /boot and / partitions residing on the internal flash memory. It is configured to run with read-only /boot and / partitions. The micro-sd card should be where all writable permanent data resides. That means the access control list (and maybe the logs?)

The micro-sd card is mounted at /mnt/sd_card by the /etc/init.d/doorjam script

I have gotten to the point where everything is installed but doorjam has not been configured to store its data on /mnt/sd_card

Other ToDo items:

* Make script for hardware watchdog
** Maybe interface watchdog script with irc bot?
* Mount it in nice box near door
* Give it battery backup