Hi I set up a wiki page with a summary of this event.

-> it's not going to be a simple art exhibition
-> it's after the art murmur

I need help with this if anyone is interested. is anyone interested in selling sudomate, etc? 



January 3, 2014 - we are having a post Oakland Art Murmur art making evening.

The idea is that instead of doing an art show, we will create a space for people to create art, hack on stuff, dance and perform for everyone live. It's like a Jazz musician jam. There are going to be art MC's such as James Lamaste and roller skaters like Elle Seven cheering people on, presenting videos, and playing music.

We need:

  • Art supplies, any old markers or pens you have
  • any extra electronics parts you have
  • Big rolls of paper
  • clean up, people interested in being mimes and performers



  • Opening ceremonies presented by James Lamaste
    • People are directed to where they can draw or hack, different stations. There will be standing areas for the MC to go to at various points of the night to showcase their progress.
  • Elle Seven will skate around, present her wonderful skate films set in Dakar and East Los Angeles. http://facebook.com/elleseven


Romy Ilano