Perhaps we can add as socio-reputational incentive:

a roll-through wall display of Sudo Room donation contributors this month at the next Art Murmur event.

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On Apr 14, 2013, at 9:25 AM, Marina Kukso <> wrote:

hi everyone,

if you haven't yet paid dues this month or want to get a head start on paying dues next month, please do so!

we have exhausted our small amount of cushion and are now once again in a precarious month to month financial situation.

you have a number of ways to pay your dues:
1) online (via wepay):
2) online (via gittip):
3) in person (anytime): please drop cash or checks into the clear plastic box by the door that goes to the elevator
4) in person (at meetings): bring cash or checks to wed. meetings.

the space only exists if we are able to keep the doors open. we are a community and we are responsible to each other to maintain it.

- marina
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