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On Jan 6, 2014, at 4:48 PM, Tracy Jacobs <> wrote:

Such as?

On Jan 6, 2014, at 4:20 PM, Eddan Katz <> wrote:

I wanted to see if anyone had any input for the name it's listed under as part of Art Murmur.
I had earlier suggested Sudo Art, but I've heard some better non-obvious suggestions as well.

On Nov 28, 2013, at 1:09 PM, Romy Snowyla <> wrote:

Now that's an excellent idea! Thanks for going all out Eddan ... Sudoroom wouldn't be the same without you 

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On Nov 28, 2013, at 10:30 AM, Eddan Katz <> wrote:

I'm going to be applying for Art Murmur membership so that Sudo Room can be on there for First Fridays starting in Jan., 2014.

On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 2:17 PM, Eddan <> wrote:
Since the subject of Sudo Room membership in the official Art Murmur program has come up several times - let me point people to where the conversation was left off on the Sudo Room mailing list. 
Though it is not necessary and perhaps a distraction to discuss for planning this Friday, the fact that it's come up every time gives me the sense that people have strong opinions about it.
Tracy et al. Sudo Artists -

Did we end up doing anything further about being members of Art Murmur after your message below? Do Sudo artists think it's worth being officially connected? According to the Art Murmur membership guidelines  (,  galleries or mixed-use spaces participating in First Fridays receive the following benefits:

  * Representation on the Art Murmur map and postcard, which will be printed as needed.
  * Representation on the Art Murmur website, with ability to update your events.
  * Access to post on the Oakland Art Murmur Facebook page.
  * Opportunity to participate in Saturday Stroll, which is marketed with its own postcard, ad campaign, program listings, and press campaign.
  * Opportunity to participate in the annual Murmurama event, which takes place on the third Saturday in May.
  * Opportunity to lead a guided tour of OAM galleries, which is a great way to bring new people to your venue.
  * Sticker to identify you as an Oakland Art Murmur member, and temporary signs that wrap around poles, to install when you are open or on First Friday.
  * Networking and press opportunities as they arise.

As Tracy described in her earlier email below, the only real obstacle to our joining is the cost - $100 one time application fee and then $175/year membership.

If we do join (and probably even if we don't), it seems like a good idea to create some way of regularly organizing events around Art Murmur. 
There was an ad hoc list of a few people who expressed interest in helping out, but there wasn't much of a coordinated effort. Tracy's set-up in the box office was awesome last month, but we're going to need 
more reliable participation for this to work. While an ad hoc group makes sense for particular projects, I think some kind of stable, but dynamic group of Sudo folk, even if just a few people, could really help round up participation for displaying the art people make anyhow as well as other coordination as required. I propose we form something like a Dynamic Association for Displayed Art (DADA) that rotates active contributors each month based on the particular installations and projects are going on. Documenting how we go about it each month on the Sudo Wiki would also be really helpful for coordinating future events more efficiently.

Given the Ferro Fluids phenomena transpiring in Sudo Room and now the arrival of a giant papier-maché cruise-ship, we should get some Sudo folks on a cc:ed list to communicate about the Aug. 3 Art Murmur. This group can solicit people's art, make sure projectors, etc. are set up, make sure there are cups to accompany the wine, make sure teenagers don't exceed their turn playing Frogger, and other logistics evidently requiring organization.

I want to put together a 'happening' connected to the box office maximum occupancy experiment on Aug. 3, if anyone else wants to help out with 
that. And with the Ghostbusters showing at the Paramount - it would also be great to get some help with the 8.5 ft. inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Men (which ended up taking more than three hours to hang from the roof of 2135 Broadway, even with the landlord George's assistance.)

So since the August First Friday Art Murmur is now coming upon us in a week and a half and with the possibility of also doing something for the Saturday Stroll, we should find out who's interested in being in the DADA committee for August. Following up on yesterday's meeting minutes 
about Art Murmur (, please let Tracy (kinetical at and/or me know and we'll start off the planning discussion.

[7/2012 DADA collaborator]

On 6/23/12 5:37 PM, Tracy Jacobs wrote:
> Welcome Hilary!
> So about the Art Murmur membership, I don't see anything on here that 
> would exclude us, it might require some small time committments from 
> people to have the "gallery" open.  In theory the gallery could just 
> be the box office, with a rotating show.
> The other thing though is there is a fee, it's pretty cheap for an 
> organization, but too much for me to pay alone.  $100 one time 
> application fee and then 175 a year membership.  Perhaps we can 
> consider this at a future business meeting.
> I have yet to hear from any of you about your plans for the July 6th 
> Art Murmur?  Is anybody working today ?
> Tracy

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