Good news: the failing tests aren't due to anything in your Pull Requests.

Bad news: the failing tests look like they are due to changes in the Pandas API.

I will figure out how to fix these failing tests before continuing to merge in these pull requests and the work from the workshop.

On Mon, Aug 8, 2016 at 11:47 AM, Sebastian Benthall <> wrote:
You'll see that there are several pull requests that I haven't yet merged in:

Thanks so much for these contributions!

The reason why I haven't pulled them in is because there are failing tests associated with these pull request.

We are using the continuous integration system Travis CI for BigBang (thanks to the thoughtful contribution of Spiros Eliopoulos). This runs the automated test suite against the source code for any pull request and alerts us to anything that may be going wrong.

I'll be looking at these pull requests and seeing what's up with the failing tests.