I've got some half to two thirds finished automatic mashing hardware and software if that would help - been meaning to open the project up to others due to lack of bandwidth.

controller w/thermowell: https://sudoroom.org/wiki/File:Digital_thermostat.jpg


also have a 15gal keggle with 2000W electric heater for mashing, just need to take apart and replace tape with pipe dope.  was using an sd card logger for temp data but would like to collaborate on (raspberry pi?) networking for SCADA.  glad to lend the mashing hardware to y'all in the interest of reaching for higher fruit sooner.





On 2014-07-08 15:17, Stan Osborne wrote:

Five people met Monday early evening 7/7 at SuDo Room.  We agreed to meet
weekly, Monday evenings, 5pm @ SuDo Room, 4799 Shattuck (OMNI Space),
Temescal District, North Oakland, SW Corner of 48th & Shattuck. For those
not yet aware, this is now where SuDo Room and other collectives are
collaborating.  SuDo is in a much bigger room.

We agreed to work on fermentation projects.  For now we are using the Sudo
Lists Biohackers mailman email list service.   Meeting notes follow....

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Subject: open source fermentation
From:    "Alex Alekseyenko" <alex.alekseyenko@gmail.com>
Date:    Mon, July 7, 2014 9:39 pm
To:      francisco@tucanvinegars.com
         "Rikke Rasmussen" <rikke.c.rasmussen@gmail.com>
         stan@ana.com, "Francesco Capodieci" <fgcapo@gmail.com>

Our first goal is to set up a 5 gallon bucket and produce a delicious
beverage, monitoring the temperature the whole time

We can split this project into two parts:

   - wetware
   - electronics/software

Frank and I will handle the electronics and software (i.e. collecting,
storing, transmitting the data)

What do we need to get the physical setup going? I suspect between us we
probably have all the resources we need

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