Also come join us this Friday at 7 for our monthly General Meeting. Free pizza & beer, awesome building, cool science & great people to chat with!

CCL General Meeting: Beer, Pizza, Science, Building Tours & Painting!

Just let us know if there will be a large contingent of you showing up, so we can order some more nosh & brews (or just bring some more beer!)


On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 1:33 PM, Patrik D'haeseleer <> wrote:
Hi Fermentin' Folks!

Counter Culture Labs is now accepting memberships! And we even set up a special offer for folks interested in food science and instrumentation...

Our basic introductory "Founding Membership" is $75/mo while we are setting up our new lab space. But we would also like to offer the use of our space for food science projects and other work such as electronics that do not require use of a BioSafety Level 1 lab or hazardous materials, for a temporary low membership rate (including full voting rights) of $20 a month.

This rate will be available on a month-to month basis at least through September, and we will give a month’s notice when the rate is about to change. Once the lab is up and running, we will still have a lower non-lab rate at no more than half the full membership rate. In addition, we also plan to set up a system where people can apply for sponsorship.

> > < <

We are also scheduling new science meetups for the coming month. Would any of you like to run a joint meetup with us on Kombucha and/or other brewing projects (vinegar, beer, kefir,...)? You could do a practical hands-on demo and/or taste testing, talk about sensors, etc. - and we could complement that with some of the hard-core microbiology and biohacking ideas!