Hi Sudoroomies!

We've been planning some cool bio meetups for Counter Culture Labs, and lots of people were excited about doing one on brewing kombucha. I figured it would be great to do this at sudoroom, and make a joint sudo/CCL party/workshop out of it!

Do any of you have a nice healthy kombucha "mother" at the moment? We want to do some microbiology experiments on the culture in the future, so it should be a natural one that has been propagated for a long time, not something started from a store-bought bottle (those typically use a single strain, rather than the complex mixture of bacteria and yeasts you find in a real kombucha mother).

We have a slot in our meetup calendar penciled in for a kombucha meeting for the week after next (next week is bioinformatics!) I figure that may leave us just enough time to brew a big batch in advance of the meetup, so we'd have enough kombucha for tasting, and enough mother to hand out to anyone who wants to participate and brew their own batch!

So... let me know if (a) you have a kombucha mother we can use, (b) would be interested in brewing up a big batch in advance of the meetup, and/or (c) would be interested in helping to lead the meetup the week after next (exact date to be decided)! I can definitely help out with (b) and (c). Heck, we could even try brewing some mate kombucha...