Greetings cryptoparty comrades old and new!
A few of us met back in June to discuss rebooting digital security workshops at sudo room - and oh my, I just discovered these notes in my Drafts folder >_<
AND we didn't get it together for our proposed first workshop date, August 19th.
Shall we aim to host one in October or November?

Recorded for posterity at:


Cryptoparty Reboot - 16 June 2018

= attendees = 
* jenny, lesley, bill, sierk, gabby, alexis, toast, mai

Mailing List:

= notes =
* alexis works with - outreach and education for activists
* - training by the makers of Kali
* bill - wary of using Tor for false assurances - eg web browsing identifiers
* bill: always going to be a "well actually" douchebag at every cryptoparty - how to deal with the know-it-all taking over the cryptoparty / making it alienating for those who most need the education
** alexis: got excellent training on that from Khalil __ (missed it) - cutting off soliloquoy and redirecting back to the convo, invite to converse after the workshop, etc
*** bill: having knowledge and skills doesn't make one able to be an educator - match technical knowledge with 
** mai: best cryptoparties i've been to set expectations right at the beginning, code of conduct, "no such thing as stupid questions"
* alexis: always make sure to emphasize how using Tor/VPNs can impact your web traffic
* gabby: I've been using a VPN and it's been slowing my web browsing very significantly
** bill: There's not particularly a correlation between speed and security of VPNs. Suggests reviewing to compare VPNs
* bill: i always make sure to emphasize there's no such thing as 100% secure - eg; endpoints can be hacked - tho you can continue to improve
** mai: using metaphors helps a lot - 
* toast: get a list going of things people would like to see in messaging apps. EFF probably has this. brainstorming suggestions 
* alexis: best to try and work with what people already use, hard to get people to adopt new things
** eg; facebook has encrypted messaging - most people don't know about it - "make conversation secret"
* bill - hushmail - big security vulnerability - can target a specific population to backdoor the service (eg by IP address) - protonmail has this same problem

== previous cryptoparties ==
* lesley: trying to do it every month was just too often. sam moved away... 
* jnny: just no capacity at a certain point - to do the outreach, hold the space, get someone super infosec-savvy to be present in the event of complex problems someone brings
* gabby:  outreach-teaching event one month, training trainers / working group another month. could also have just two of us host it every month
* jnny: having equal # tech/sec-savvy and people coming to learn is great, can pair people off
* bill - don't want to call it a cryptoparty as it draws the wrong people (people who already know what they're doing)
* mai: could do it more thematically, eg "Secure your mobile communications" - narrowing framing would enable us to teach better and target a more specific audience
* sierk: users teaching users, Drupal meetups, [missed this]
* bill: narrowing focus great way to bring people out
** lesley: could have different talks set up ahead of time. got me interested was looking up things, the acronyms etc
*** jenny: maybe make that a ground rule, don't abuse acronyms.
**** bill: or just state that "we'll be covering a lot of things, but everything we're talking about is in the handout
* gabby: didn't know exactly what a cryptoparty was - didn't expect 

= what to learn/teach =

== web browsing ==
* orbot - tor for mobile - initiated by Guardian Project, now officially Tor Project?
** orfox - tor browser for android - Guardian Project -
** firefox focus - app that essentially enables you to always be browsing incognito
** firefox quantum - multi container add-on - - create different containers for eg facebook, google, etc
* HTTPS Everywhere - download separately and then deliver it to the browser - offline signing process

== email ==
* protonmail - encrypts email in transit (still shows plantext in browser) - 
* mailvelope - add-on for GMail encryption -
* riseup - and the canary:

== operating systems ==
* qubes - "A reasonably secure operating system" -
** like having multiple containers/Virtual Machines (VMs)
** network VM separate from application VM
* tails -

== VPNs ==
* can be fast and secure, slow and insecure, fast and insecure, etc;
** - 

== Clearing up Misconceptions ==
* Using Signal securely
* Vulnerabilities of PGP
* No 100% security - endpoints can be hacked

= resources to create/build =
* piratebox with software for faster downloads
* handouts: 
** anonyzebra zine? (see / )
** for different levels of security / threat models (eg average users, 
* code of conduct

= resources for trainers =
* EFF's Security Education Companion - 

= next digital security wkshp =
* August 19th


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-Laurie Anderson

"Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it."
 -Hannah Arendt

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