noffle started a doodle last week on patchwork for scheduling up our next call:

please mark which days you're available the last week of january!

For reference:

Action Items from last call:

  • @juul: technical documentation [done], fix chat bugs [?], video production [done[
    ** keep libraries small (esp8266). cap of 2-3 MB on device, bundle should be less than 100 KB, ideally less. Need to test load speed
    @nanomonkey: circuitboard finalized and hopefully ordered [done: ]
  • @noffle: read documentation, try chat app [?]
  • @Piet: get kicad going, look at the designs [?]
  • sierk: graphics and website, help with video [done]
  • @cel: get the web app working, think about ssb over the protocol
  • @tunabananas: finish the 501c3 application this week [done, and status approved!], shift to storytelling use cases [MORE TODO], hack on submission questions text [done]
  • @mix: get web app working, review / feedback on any writing [?]



Help open a people-powered common space in Oakland, California!

"Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories."
-Laurie Anderson

"Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it."
 -Hannah Arendt

"To define is to kill. To suggest is to create."
-Stéphane Mallarmé

"Anything done for the first time unleashes a demon."
--Dave Sim, "Cerebus the Aardvark"