Yeah Sam, we met the Project Lantern people down in Mountain View during the Mozilla WINS finals presentations. We did talk about the importance of interoperability between all these emerging LoRa-related projects. For, we have been designing a full network stack and routing protocol specifically intended for LoRa networks. You checkout the documentation on it here, We are trying to make it general and portable such that other projects can easily implement it on their device. Once we successfully implement it on our hardware, I'd be excited to help other projects do the same.

mesh the planet!

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Hi all

I'm guessing you are already across Lantern?

It would be cool if nodes could relay messages using 
the same protocols & spectrum settings as the Lantern? I'm always 
hopeful that similar FOSS projects will collaborate and interoperate.

The other one that you may or may not know is the LoRa pager project: Again it would be cool if these pagers 
created messages in the same formats and frequencies that you're using 
for interoperability.



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