Hey mesh-dev,

I'm new. Greetings. Don't think I'm going to make the meeting tonight, so I thought I'd post this here.

I've been poking around in the tunneldigger today per this issue. Wanted to mention that there are two relevant things happening when the tunneldigger client starts up:

  1. Broker selection - attempts to resolve each broker address asynchronously, flags the first successful one and asks it for a tunnel. Churns forever if none of the brokers respond.
  2. Tunnel creation - Churns for 30s then returns to (1).
I think the issue Max created refers to the former. Probably can solve that as noted in the issue by sleeping for a little while if we can't connect to any brokers.

I think the second issue might be worth addressing as well, though. Maybe just sleep in between attempts to create the tunnel or before restarting broker selection? Any thoughts or opinions?