Last night I switched the mesh over to a new exit node. The exit node is the server that acts as a VPN for all of the traffic coming from people connected to a access point.

This switchover means two things:

1. You won't see any more nasty capthas form google. Craigslist works again, and so does editing wikipedia \o/

2. You may get a warning from google or other sites that you're logging in from a new IP (since our new exit node has a new IP)

This new exit node actually has multiple IP addresses which means we're no longer sharing a single IP for the entire mesh (so feel free to set your torrent clients to use as many simultaneous connections as you please :p). It's also hosted at a Tor-exit-node-friendly hosting company ( so we shouldn't get any trouble for running a VPN.

A few people have removed the ability for sudo mesh to remote-update their mesh nodes and opted to manage their own nodes. If this is you and you still want to switch to the new exit node then you can log into your node as root and run the attached script (note that this will reboot your node).

I should note that the old and new exit nodes are interconnected so even if you aren't using the new exit node yet, you're still on the mesh. I'm not sure how long the old exit node will stay up though.

If you have any questions, just reply to this email :)

and as always: MESH THE PLANET!