Did anyone have trouble getting the Ethernet on the Meraki
Mini to work under OpenWRT? I'm able to bypass the MTD
I'm able to bypass the MTD and boot into Barrier Breaker
over TFTP, but get no eth0.

Snippet from boot:
[    1.690000] eth0: Atheros AR231x: 00:18:0a:50:65:40, irq 4
[    1.890000] libphy: ar231x_eth_mii: probed
[    1.900000] adm6996: eth0: ADM6996FC model PHY found.
[    1.900000] eth0: Could not attach to PHY
[    1.910000] eth0: mdiobus_probe failed

By the way I have learned that the AR231x support is not in
the kernel mainline, but is an off-of-tree OpenWRT addition.
I think it's been merged into linux-mti now (the MIPS tree),
as ATH25.