* Tested the sudowrt rebuild script and it seemed to work
  * Sketched a design for ubus forwarder and started implementing


  * Started working on voltage level cutoff circuit for the ESP8266 garden nodes
  * Probably other stuff that I was too distracted to keep up with


  * Got notdhcp hook script close to final state

I ran into a few issues that need resolution:

  * notdhcp needs to send the VLAN ID (small change)
  * notdhcp has a gaping security hole due to lacking validation (easy to fix though)
  * It is not possible to bridge an adhoc wifi interface...

What?! No really. It's true: No bridging of adhoc on Linux. I can't help but think that this would have become a serious problem if we were still using batman-adv

As it is, we have the option of doing a "layer 3 bridge". But how? I've never actually done this before. Here's what I ended up with. Haven't tested it yet though:

  # stuff in mesh_wlan routing table goes out to eth0.10
  ip route add default dev eth0.10 table mesh_wlan
  # stuff coming in from adhoc0 goes to the mesh_wlan routing table
  ip rule add iif adhoc0 lookup mesh_wlan

  # stuff in mesh_eth routing table goes out to adhoc0
  ip route add default dev adhoc0 table mesh_eth
  # stuff coming in from eth0.10 goes to the mesh_eth routing table
  ip rule add iif eth0.10 lookup mesh_eth

eth0.10 is the ethernet VLAN that carries the adhoc/babel network
adhoc0 is the wireless adhoc network

Is this crazy? It really does need to just forward everything coming in on one interface out another interface and vice-versa. Since we can't bridge, and we don't really need to do this below layer 3, this was the best I could come up with. Thoughts? Suggestions? Facepalms?

Assuming some solution for an adhoc bridging alternative works out in the next few days I should be able to finalize this by Tuesday and switch to working on the new web UI.