Hey would someone approve this? I can reset the mesh-dev lists password if no one has it around.


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Subject: Re: [mesh-dev] Web admin of roof to roof nodes [another ramble]

On 21. 02. 2015 09:36, Mitar wrote:
> the most reliably in that way. I do not know details, though, what all
> issues we had that we had to move to this setup. CCing Kostko who might
> be able to provide more information here.

Indeed, this was a problem with olsrd implementation of OLSR which used
neighbour IPs as part of link identification and we had some strange
routing issues because of using same IPs on multiple interfaces.

We now use one IP for each interface which participates in routing and
we use the first such IP as the Router ID.

Note that babel uses IPv6 link-local addresses for neighbours, so it
uses different IPs anyway and this will probably not be such a problem
in this case. But I would still refrain from using the same IP on
multiple interfaces.


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