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So one thing which is maybe a bit more in the future is that you would
like to peer with other networks. Often this is done through VPNs:


So and the idea is that you can access each others servers and services
in the network. If you have overlapping IP ranges then that is not
possible. If you use NAT, it is much harder. How I see it, we are trying
to build alternative Internet so we should try to achieve end-to-end
connectivity between our networks. In IPv4 this means that we have to be
mindful about other subnets.

The whole Guifi.net (27k nodes) is using only:;;;

We could use a /16 or several /16 networks. If we only allocate a /26 to each node then we can have ~1024 nodes per /16. This is definitely a way to go. Since I've never seen a home router use the 172.16 - 172.31 range, we could use that and get ~15,000 nodes. I think that's a good enough solution for now.

Alex? Max?

See the imperfect list of what other networks are using here:


I think using IPv4 for inter-mesh communications is not worth the trouble. We only need IPv4 to remain backwards-compatible with the legacy internet. IPv4 should be seen as deprecated for all new internets.