Ok so it looks like it is more or less working on a picostation node. I think one crucial item is that we want to set the following config as well:

That way we don't need the really bloated dbus package (I couldn't get it to work correctly anyways)

On the exit server I can now see the service announcements from a client of a mesh node in avahi-browse, but I keep getting the following error from the service browser when services come up:
mdns error: Error: dns service error: unknown

Although the weirdest thing is that the browser can see the services coming down and resolves them correctly....

So I'm going to need to see if there's something I'm missing here

Also, it seems that something in the latest stable version (0.12) of node is incompatible with mdns2 in some way, so I've been sticking with 0.10.

On Sun, Feb 8, 2015 at 3:35 PM, max b <maxb.personal@gmail.com> wrote:
Hey so I was looking into the ability to broadcast mDNS across subnets, so that a client of a node could broadcast a service across the whole mesh subnet.

If I'm reading the page correctly, it looks like avahi-daemon supports this functionality with:

That being said, it seems that on openwrt avahi-daemon requires the following additional packages: avahi-daemon, libavahi, libexpat, and libdbus, which total ~250kB

I know that Marc was working on a mini-mdns package, but I assume that the dns reflection might be a more involved task (also not sure how stable we could get it).

I'm going to install it on a couple nodes and test it out, but I guess we can keep an eye on space/memory constraints.