I also just put in four information requests (turns out it's an act of Congress to get someone on the phone) from Cogent, Level 3, AT&T, and 365 to find out about their price of transit and if by some fluke they aren't opposed to us mounting an antenna at their space. They should call me back.

Once we iron out this bit of research we should move forward with finding a more robust uplink to toy with at the Omni. Yay.

I hope that everyone reading this has an enjoyable and/or productive weekend.

On 1/27/15 11:11 AM, max b wrote:
Agreed that it probably only serves the network temporarily, but I think that it would be a HUGE benefit to the Omni. I even think that $120 for ~150Mbps would be reasonable considering the number of people who use the Omni on a regular basis.... 

That would provide us with a good starting point for finally networking the Omni, including perhaps the meraki mesh that we had discussed before. We should maybe also see what sort of 802.11n devices we have so that we could actually get high speed wireless to devices in the space.

On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 10:30 AM, Alexander Papazoglou <papazoga@gmail.com> wrote:

I spoke with LMI regarding an uplink to the OMNI.

The person I spoke with wasn't very familiar with their wireless
deployment, but assured me that their best offering for us would
be VDSL (he said that "there's been a change in the technology
they can offer us"). The CO is apparently behind Genova Deli
near 49th. This means we could hope for about 80Mbps.

Their rate (on the Business plan) is $59.99 + tax, with $99 for
gear and $60 for activation. They also offer line bonding (to
double capacity).

This is a reasonable option for the Omni, but I think it would
only serve us (peoplesopen/sudomesh) temporarily. Also, I
have always had poor latency with DSL, even with reasonable



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