On Sun, May 31, 2015 at 9:05 PM, Marc Juul <juul@labitat.dk> wrote:
I received this from a gluon person (anonymized until they ok sharing of their name). Let me know if you're interested and neither your german nor google translate is good enough and I can write up a proper translation.

---- begin forwarded message

in our gluon communities we distribute IPS via our gateways, where all
nodes connect to the gateway to get internet through an anonVPN.

But the developer of gluon is working at a new **distributed dhcp**:

Prototype: https://github.com/tcatm


then the nodes would give ip4 addresses to other nodes as long as none
of them hasnt any connection to any gateway. as soon as node clouds
connect they will reorder the IPS to delete doubles,...

There is apparently an implementation that's currently being tested:


This was sent to us by Ruben (rubo77) from Freifunk.