Ok I might be a little later than noon, but hopefully not by much. There are a couple software things to work out, including if we want to switch to the new address space. While folks are planning out locations and mounting ideas I might try to get the software stuff in place and flash and configure a bunch.

On February 15, 2015 10:57:31 AM PST, Alexander Papazoglou <papazoga@gmail.com> wrote:

I'm planning to come in today for this. Here's what I think we
should do:

1. Do a quick walk-through to determine locations and number of nodes
    to flash, cable lengths, additional materials required.
2. Flash the nodes, agree on a naming and addressing scheme, disable
    tunneldigger where appropriate, configure other stuff (TX power?)
3. Crimp cables, mount nodes and test - what materials do we need?

Can we start the walk-through by noon, let's say? At least try to be
in sudo by noon?


2015-02-15 9:39 GMT-08:00 max b <maxb.personal@gmail.com>:
Hey just checking in to see what time folks are thinking about being at the omni to do some node mounting. I'm maybe hoping to be elsewhere between ~3:30-4:30, but otherwise I'm fairly free.

Also - I'm not really sure how long this will take. I can do a bunch of the flashing and configuring, but it seems like a good deal of the work would be placement and mounting. 

What are other people thinking?

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