I need to recuse myself as sudo room delegate from the Liberation Ministries proposal (details below):

Hey all,

I've cc'd Sudo Room's Omni-Delegates list (our email list for people who have been consented upon to act on behalf of Sudo Room as a delegate in the Omni Commons delegates council).

I do not think I am capable of getting through the emotionally-charged issues necessary to act on behalf of the sudo room when it comes to the discussion of Liberation Ministries collaborating with the Omni Commons. 

While I am still willing and able to act as sudo room's delegate for other proposals and at other times, I need to recuse myself from this proposal in particular. 

I will attend the next sudo room meeting on Weds 9/16 as well as the next Omni Commons delegates meeting on Thurs 9/17, but will not be representing the sudo room when it comes to the Liberation Ministries proposal.

If sudo room members find it important to participate in this part of the process, then another member of sudo room who is approved to act as an Omni Commons delegates needs to represent the sudo room instead.

You can read the most recent version of this proposal submitted to the omni-consensus email list today (Thurs) around 5pm. It should be reviewed this week and formally discussed during the next (coming) Thurs 9/17 @ 7pm.

// Matt

p.s. "Active non-Member" is a bit confusing language, but essentially this not a proposal to become a Member-Collective, but instead a different kind of formal commitment, backed by some form of legal document(s) [such as rental contract(s), tenant (non-member-collective) sublease, etc]. The text of the current proposal follows:

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From: Stephen Novotny <>
Date: Thu, Sep 10, 2015 at 5:07 PM
Subject: [omni-consensus] Liberation Ministries Proposal to Join Omni as an Active non-Member

This proposal is being sent out so that it can be discussed for consensus at next week's delegates meeting. Please take it back to your collectives and discuss so we can move forward.


After conversations following the August 27th Delegates Meeting, we’ve collaborated with Liberation Ministries (LM) to develop a proposal for them to join the Omni as an active non-member. We’ve integrated feedback from the 8/27 Delegates Meeting, where people expressed concern about LM becoming a member collective immediately. Please read the notes from that discussion here:

Many people suggested that LM begin doing work at the Omni in order for us to get to know each other and to see how their work flourishes here, before applying to become a member collective.

The most essential needs of LM are to have reliable access to the space for consultations and office work, as well as ongoing reservation of space two times a week: one on Friday nights to work with youth, including collaborations with BAPS and MPM, and two, use of the Ballroom on Sunday mornings from 9-11am. 

These are the basic needs of LM, essential to the continuity and growth of their organization. At the 8/27 delegates meeting there was some concern over the reservation of the Ballroom on Sunday mornings for LM, with some people concerned that it might prevent other, important groups from using the Ballroom during this time. 

We followed up regarding this concern with the Commons WG and learned that Sunday morning during the time from 9-11ish (am) when Liberation Ministries would have service has seen only six events since last November 2014 when the Omni Global calendar started being used.

Two of these were all day events--Capoeira and a "Fundraiser for Legal Fees".

Of the other four, three were short two-hour rehearsals and one was something called "Love Chapel"

Three of the six events started at 11am.

There were a few more events that were in the Ballroom starting at noon on Sundays.

Considering the Ballroom does not have any other regularly scheduled events, it is a great opportunity to put the ballroom space in use more regularly and provide a regular source of income from the usage.  While this would prevent a few miscellaneous events a year from using this space at said time, the space would never go unused as long as LM operates within the Omni. Furthermore, because LM is a community-based church, they need space within the community to begin inviting people on a regular basis. They plan to go door-to-door to let neighbors all over North Oakland know about their new ministry, so they must have a reliable space to invite these new people to occupy.

Welcomes our neighbors in the surrounding area of Temescal and North Oakland

Very much in line with our founding vision and Statement of Solidarity to support low- to middle-income black families

Working with youth

Tangible anti-gentrification work

They have offered to help with specific elements of building maintenance and upgrades 

LM would like to use their original proposal to become a member collective as their proposal to instead become an active non-member group within the Omni. The proposal is pasted below:

Liberation Ministries is a new church led by Pastor Cheryl Ward. We are seeking a space to have our Sunday services and where we can participate in a community working for social justice.

1. Mission statement

We endeavor to be change agents in our local community and globally, and turn whatever space we are in into a change agency. Our commitment is to transforming lives. We do ministry but it's not a ministry unless we are transforming lives. We are not a traditional church. We welcome EVERYBODY. The core of it is love. Our goal is to be loving and non-judgmental. We have trans, same sex loving, black, white, asian, Latino, Native American members etc.

2. Origin and group history 

Cheryl has 36 years in ministry, community organizing, and activism, and has pastored 3 churches. This is a brand new congregation in formation, looking for a place to hold Sunday worship services and committing ourselves to social justice activism in the city. There is a board of directors of five members, who operate under a shared governance policy. As a general rule, Cheryl and at least one of the board representatives will meet regarding building issues.

3. Participation in the Omni 

We see the richness of the collective and the opportunity to really transform this neighborhood, as well as to bring the community into the things that are going on here.

How does your group intend to use the space? What are your needs?

9-12 on Sundays for services (in the ballroom); an office space if available (potentially the room next to Phat Beets; some private space for counseling sessions (same room); use of a space every Friday nite for a hangout for teens (any available space in Omni. We are willing to be flexible about sharing the available spaces with others.

Offering big flat screen TV abt 46" and a floor model big screen t.v. for shared use and use with teens for movies, videogames etc. Just brought a Hammond B3 Organ to the Omni for shared use. Working on obtaining other musical instruments. Brought 6 additional pews to the Omni. We will actively conduct a door-to-door campaign to meet neighbors and inform them of our presence and find out the needs of the community.

4. Group finances and paying rent

What does your group do to support itself financially?

Write grants, Sunday offerings, and contributions from supporters What is your best plan for contributing your potential share of rent to the Omni? Rent $250 - $300 a month to start but we can negotiate an increase once revenue generation of the above begins.

5. Dedicated space

Office desk and filing cabinet.

6. Other contributions to the Omni

Help with cosmetic maintenance like painting.

We can use our relationship with the Conservation Corps to invite them to come in to help on building work.

Help make vending machines now in CCL happen with snacks for the teens who come to our Friday night event Work with MPM and BAPS.

Cheryl has a collaboration with Peralta Colleges and would seek to have a printing press class. Printing of items and books could serve as a source of revenue generation. Young people could could learn and get credi.

Talk to paint store (Frazee) about using their parking lot on Sundays or other times.

7. Additional
We would be here to be a contributor, not to subtract anything from the Omni. If we're not contributing we don't need to exist.

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