Hi Sudo Room! 

I hope you're well. I would like to ask y'all for a favor: Helen, Sarah and I are wanting to revamp Omni's safer space, conflict resolution, and bans policies to make omni a safer, saner place to come to work on community projects. We want to hear about problems related to these policies, and about what in your view, would make them better. 

We are embarking on what we anticipate to be a roughly 3-month process to improve these policies, and we hoped to start by hearing direct and frank feedback from all member groups and individuals about how they feel working in omni with respect to the above policies, and for their opinions on what about them could be improved. 

(You can read about our proposed workshop-style process of engagement on this wiki page, which also lists suggested prompts for a first discussion.)

Therefore, we were very much hoping we could be agendized into one of your group meetings - or, set up with a separate meeting, if that is better - to begin to explore these issues and start to gather your frank feedback. 

We can meet over zoom/google-meet, or in person (with masks) if that is better for you. Note that in-person meetings do not need to take place at omni, and in any of our discussions, any feedback given can anonymized at your request before it gets aggregated into a bigger omni-wide feedback document. 

Finally, because we want to make this process as inclusive as we can, we were hoping to hear in particular from voices who do not typically chime in on omni mailing lists or omni meetings.. (which is to say, a majority of omninoms!) If your group has someone tasked with communicating with delegates / rest of omni, we definitely want to hear from them too -- but ideally, also from others in your collective.  

If you are agreeable, can you please let us know at your earliest opportunity when might be a good time to discuss these issues with us? 

Thank you so much for your time, and if possible, please reply-all to at least helen, sarah and me if you can.