it's too big

On Sat, Feb 4, 2017 at 5:26 PM, Jake <> wrote:
so i bought a pick&place machine, model CHM-T36:

here is the manual:

External Dimension L 960mm* W 705mm* H 335mm
that's pi feet long, by 2.3 feet wide, and 1.1 feet high.

this is a picture:

here are videos of it in action:
and a similar machine (mine doesn't have a camera)

so I want us to talk about whether I can set it up at sudoroom?

I would remove the Juki sewing machine table and make room for this machine
that way.  Anyone is welcome to use it but not to hack it without my

with this machine, we could produce quantities of any electronic product we can
get boards for.  I think it would be worth the space it takes up.

we already have tons of surface-mount electronics and ways to make
circuitboards at sudoroom.

what do people think?
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