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I know the person you are talking about, he came by CCL first and dominated the conversation on our side with Kathy (which she didn't seem to mind) she was just being her usual affable self.   It didn't bother me much because I figure people can choose who they want to pay attention to, etc.  I get that he seems a tad self narcissistic, but meh, I could say that about lots of people including probably myself at times.  I'm not dismissing what you saw, I can totally picture it actually, but the idea of not being able to ask someone out at Sudo just seems a tad overkill and a distraction from the nature of the actual problem at hand. 

I like the idea of signage for those not-so-clear, but kind of disturbing, power dynamics.

What would our sign say?  

Somethings like:  

1)  Share. Don't dominate group or interpersonal conversations.

2)  It's ok to tell someone to back the fuck off, buzz off, or better SHARE the conversation, by giving others room to talk or be silent.

3)  If someone doesn't reciprocate in a conversation, don't push further.  Stop to consider the possibility that they are just not that into you, and that's OK.

I encourage you to put up this version of the sign and if someone doesn't like it then they can make a new version and put that up instead :)

I like the idea of using memes to quickly move through awkward social situations, as well.  The yellow card seems too overt it a way that I could see it becoming a walk of shame.    If someone says mansplain, pretty much everyone understands what dynamic is being described.  What's a one-word meme for narcissistic clueless pickup artist?  

A red-piller?