Hello Sudoers!

The Skinny:
-7pm Dinner tonight
-8:30pm Crock Pot Demo & Gravy Impromptu Fundraiser (Nice pint of Red Gravy for $5-$10 sliding scale. All proceeds go to Sudo Room for May Rent)
-Mate sampling

The Verbose:
Matt has bought some raw ingredients and stashed them through the nooks and dark places of sudo room. I have been tasked to find and then cook the said  ingredients. It's kind of like an episode of Iron Chef (Japanese Version) and Easter all rolled up in one.
I've also been asked to demo the crock pot so I thought I would make a Sudo sized amount of Red Gravy, and since we're at it why not bottle them in new pints and sell them as a Sudo Gravy Fundraiser ($5-$10 sliding scale) and help out May Rent.
Oh and I'm making another test recipe of mate for everyone to sample in the quixotic quest of Sudo Mate - the intersection of Mate, Effervescence Caffeine, & Oakland Esprit.

We'll see how close we get. It's already 4pm. :)