Hey all,

The network equipment had been organized recently, and the platform had been reorganized for better access to the printers.

However, I decluttered the rest of the junk laying around and consolidated the audio equipment.

Please help keep this area clean and useable!

There are two 1/8" headphone jacks connected to the "phono" input of the fisher stereo. One is on the platform, at the standing desk. The other is on the main sudo table on the ground floor, as usual.
You can also select the "tuner" input.

Please leave both speakers A and B on, they sound better together (less distortion, harder to blow out).

This is a lighter-duty set up than before, so the sound level should be more manageable. Further, we have several more inputs available, so please take advantage of that.

Maybe we should connect sudo bot in to one of these?