Arrestees and other unhoused community members will be hosting a press conference tomorrow morning (Monday Dec 2nd), 9am, at 14th & Broadway (backup location if rain: Pro Arts Gallery & Commons) on the constitutional rights violations we experienced and the continued poor treatment of the unhoused by the City leading up to and throughout these holiday storms. See attached for press release, and please forward to media contacts!

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On Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 1:12 PM Autonomous <> wrote:
As of early Monday morning 22 peaceful protesters have been arrested and their personal property impounded.

“People will see and hear first-hand that (there) are deep discrepancies between what the mayor and her team claim and what is actually happening in the streets,” protest leader Needa Bee said in a statement posted to social media. 
Among the several dozen protesters was 71-year-old Kelsey Brenner.
“I can’t sit by and watch what’s happening,” she told the East Bay Times. “The city is criminalizing homelessness and is not providing enough low-income housing … I look around at all these high rises going up at an Oakland … my own daughter can’t live here because it’s too expensive.”

“We are protesting because there are a bunch of empty houses and a bunch of homeless people and we think that people should have homes,” protester Juliette Hadid told KPIX 5 as she was being led anyway in plastic handcuffs. 

On Sun, Nov 24, 2019 at 6:12 PM Jenny Ryan <> wrote:
Unhoused folks who have been traumatized and brutalized by the city of Oakland, whose encampments have been destroyed, have moved onto Oscar Grant Plaza asking "Where do we go?" Where are the millions that were set aside to upgrade, not evict encampments and to build permanent housing for the homeless?

OGP 14th/Bdwy right NOW 
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