Can anyone at Omni block off the loading zone and the space behind it for the truck that's coming to remove the debris situation outside Omni on 48th?

Can I also get all available hands to help load the truck up from at least 8pm on tonight? I know the OOC meeting will probably run late, but we need some bodies to help load up that truck. If we do not load up the truck, we risk getting cited for obstruction and that could be several hundred dollars at this point considering the amount of stuffs. 

I've arranged with J.C. & Ricky to bring their box truck to Omni in a couple hours so we can do a dump run. They will have to be remunerated. I don't know what it will be but it should be under $600 total. John had scheduled with Waste Management for bulky pickup (which was also going to be expensive due to the amount and type of stuff) but they flaked for 2 days, then said they can't take ceiling tiles, or broken-up furniture, or actually pretty much anything we have out there, so it will have to be hauled. Other options like a dumpster was explored but this was really expensive and we would not get it for days (at least $750 + cost of parking obstruction permit from city = over ~$1000). I don't anticipate the cost of hauling exceeding $600 but this will have to be assessed by Ricky, JC et al with the truck.  

Note the cost of disposal will mostly be on john but partly on OOC. That's because John doesn't think he should have to pay for e.g. the disposal of the ceiling tiles from the bookstore-cafe (that collective should pay for that), or actually, the extra 3 big wardrobes removed from CCL/Sudo room, or of our garbage that we did not put out on Tuesday, etc. The exact portion we are responsible for needs to be negotiated a bit with John (I don't think this will not be a big deal), but re: the wardrobes for example, as John expressed, since Sudo took 3 of them and we are keeping one in the ballroom (4 total), we are also responsible for the other 3 we don't need - it was a take them all or take none sort of deal (yar can perhaps speak better to this). So who is responsible for what on our side will need to be sorted out, I figure our responsibility is about 30%. We had probably 7-8 bags of garbage and many, many bags of ceiling tiles, the wardrobes were big and heavy, etc.