Hello all! I'm emailing in response to all of your responses!

I think Aestetix made a really crucial point about Bike Smut seeking to provide an alternative to exploitative pornography. Bike Smut is an activist group that promotes sexual empowerment. Something that Aestetix touched on, and that I really value, is that they approach their passions through a show(ing) that is an act of radical free speech.

What is "child-friendly" is of course relative, so speak up anyone who has an opinion on this. One important thing about proposing the event was that we wanted to do it at a time generally associated with adult nightlife, that being Friday Night.

I agree with //Matt et. al. that it should be obvious to anyone upon entering 2141 that this event would be happening. Aesthetically-intriguing and information-sufficient signage is an absolute must, and will be taken care of. What would be the logistics of a curtain? I am intrigued..

I support all bouncers, mustachioed and otherwise.

Have I answered all questions? Are there more concerns?