I understand this is an older issue— did this issue with Rannette and the other party get resolved and what is the current situation for both memberships?

And a late thank you to Brendan for speaking out on the issue. 

On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 2:33 AM Brendan Reddy-Best <b.d.reddybest@gmail.com> wrote:
I said "your 'community' space," but honestly, I still want this to be my space, too.  I hardly ever make a fuss about any of this stuff because it's all so futile, you know?  but in this case, I really want to make my point clear:  I think we should rescind our action against Rannette.  I think she's been treated unfairly. Even if she is "aggressive" towards you or your compatriots, I don't think we need white dudes policing our space of black women's bodies.  Matt, you claim to have acted in another's interest and you offer an injured third party -- let them speak for themselves, because I don't think it's your place right now.  If there was a violent incident that threatened our space, let's hear it from a witness or an involved party. "Something Happened" is not good enough.  Otherwise "but above all the Omni

Commons must maintain a safe, welcoming environment" seems to fly directly in the face of the lived experience of too many black people.


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