this item listed for sale below looks more like a TIG welder to me -  usually i think of spot welding as being used for joining 2 pieces of sheet metal over/under but I have heard from a jeweler that he did like TIG welding for little stuff.  Depending on the melt temp of the metal and whether the weld needs to be homogeneous, for that size you might want to consider brazing with mapp gas torch and solder with a lower melt point. 

On 2017-02-25 14:55, Cere Davis wrote:

Hey Sudoers,
I'm lacking experience on spot welders and would like some feedback on how much power I would need to spot weld a steel clothes hanger (for example) to itself?  Do you suppose this much power would work?
Looking for something that is set up  to have a handpiece.

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