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On Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 11:48 PM, DjNeon Leon <> wrote:
it's neon leon
hey just to give you heads up,
and a question i have for you
have you heard about the brand new west oakland youth center that just opened on on the mcclymonds high school campus?
well catch this
they have a brand new computer lab but NO COMPUTERS yet because of funding
i just saw it on the news not but fifteen minutes ago where they said they didnt have any money to buy computers
and the funding wouldnt allow them to buy any
so i was talking to max and he told me sudoroom has a pile of desktops sitting next to the door
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 me:  do you think that sudoroom could donate those computers to the youth center computer lab and who would i talk to about getting them there.  we could get them ready and get them online maybe
it would be a really good thing for sudo and a fantastic thing for the kids in the community if this could happen...
hit me back and let me know--much love, :-)  DjNeonLeon
 Marina:  hey leon! probably best would be to email the listserv ( and/or to drop by the meeting next wed.
i gotta go to bed now, but that's what i would recommend
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 me:  ok... I will do this for real thank you boo boo . i will see you bat the meeting next wed.. oxoxoxoxox .. nlrock ..
 Marina:  night
 me:  night .. :-)
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