Greetings from Battlemesh in Vienna!

Before I left a few days ago, I sorted the ewaste pile at the entry to sudo rough tally of components in it. Our new recycling company (which is a nonprofit, actually), Civicorps, has a free ewaste pickup program.

Would someone be willing to fill out the online form and be the point of contact for the day of pickup?

Rough breakdown:
70 items:
* Laptops: 20
* LCD Monitor: 1
* Fax Machines: 2 (tho i think they're just handsets)
* Hard Drives: 10
* Printers: 15
* Other electronics or small appliances: 22

For 'designated parking area' you can mention the loading parking spot (yellow curb) on 48th and maybe put some cones out the day of to reserve the spot.

Plz reply to this thread if you're willing to take this on!

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