i see
i only updated/can update omni's calendar

On Wed, Dec 7, 2016 at 2:34 PM, aaronco36 <aaronco36@fastmail.fm> wrote:
On Wed, Dec 7, 2016, at 12:57 AM, robb wrote:
> i think that was true last week but i updated the calendar since then...
> it looks like it's there to me

AFAICT, neither the updated calendar at https://sudoroom.org/calendar/
nor the Events page list anything yet for this month other than the
Wednesday Parties.
Was speculating that the SudoRoom HHN events were UNintentionally
omitted from the wiki -or- intentionally omitted b/c of (1) the
aforementioned temporary construction, (2) the December Holiday Season,
(3) something to do with the SudoMesh Group not meeting this month
perhaps due to Jenny R's post from a few wks back requesting ppl and
assistance at Standing Rock, see
https://sudoroom.org/pipermail/sudo-discuss/2016-November/012617.html ,
(4) some part of the process and/or events feedback of SudoRoom
transitioning to Omni Commons, see Jenny R's post
https://sudoroom.org/pipermail/board/2016-November/000337.html , or (5)
some other unknown reason.

It turns out -- perhaps related to (4)?? -- that there is a noticeable
difference between SudoRoom's own Calendar and the Omni Commons Global
Calendar, https://omnicommons.org/calendar/ . For instance, as I wrote
previously, the SudoRoom Calendar currently only lists the Wednesday
Parties, whereas the the ONLY SudoRoom event that the Omni Commons
Global Calendar prominently & currently shows is HHN (recurrent HHN
events listing at
https://omnicommons.org/calendar/events/categories/sudo-room/ .)

Any further thoughts on this?

FWIW and related to (4), the 'Occupy the Omni Commons How to Request an
Event' page at https://omnicommons.org/occupy/ describes how to get
other SudoRoom-specific events listed on the Omni Commons Global
calendar (such as the ongoing Wednesday Parties and the Thursday JS
Study Group sessions if the latter are still  happening) as follows:
~~~~~~~~ quoting ~~~~~~~~~~
Event requests are now due by the second Tuesday of the month for the
following month. To request an event next month, submit your request by
the second Tuesday of this month. We will review all requests received
at our second Tuesday meeting and get back to you early the next week.

As all can see from either of the two calendar pages mentioned in this
post, the second Tuesday of this month falls on December 13th.

I wrote previously...
>> Just wondering if/when the former Hardware Hacking Night events are
>> happening?  The Events page https://sudoroom.org/events/ currently l
>> ists only Wednesday Parties, and last week's post
>> https://sudoroom.org/pipermail/sudo-discuss/2016-December/012638.html
>> describes this week's construction going on at Omni.
>> TY for further info and/or background on this,

- aaronco36

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