Hi Eric and welcome!

I am working on open source food infrastructure:

I also built an off road rover which I am using to learn computer vision:

For fun I do 3D printing, circuit board design, and python. All the same stuff I do for work. Oh and I produce youtube videos.

I will be trying to get to the Omni more often in the coming months, though I've found I was not as ready to socialize as I thought. But I hope I see you there in the future!

On Thu, Jun 24, 2021 at 9:23 PM Eric O'Connor <eric@oco.nnor.org> wrote:
> When you're done with your DIY kitchen you can help omni build ours. :)
That would be fun! 

> Sneakernets! So curious.
Yeah! Let me know if you want to deactivate Comcast and switch to penpal’ing SD cards through the USPS like a local El Paquete Semanal

On Thu, Jun 24, 2021, at 16:36, Yardena Cohen wrote:
> > I'm Eric. I live in Oakland (near Grand Lake) with my partner and our son. I lead platform engineering and product security at Fivetran. In my free time I've been working on a DIY kitchen remodel and brush clearing (for fire season). I'm interested in federated computers/networks, sneakernets, multi-user computing/sandboxing, data analytics, climate change, energy & water infra, prescribed burns, and renewable energy. Currently reading "Fall, or: Dodge in Hell".

> Sneakernets! So curious.

> When you're done with your DIY kitchen you can help omni build ours. :)

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