hi everyone,

i won't be there tonight either, but we have not provided a response to the totally awesome oakland nights live folks about whether they can use our space for their future events indefinitely. this would be a good thing to discuss!


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Hey all! Can we add a discussion about the bio fridge at Sudo to the agenda tonight?


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hi everyone,

you may find the below event interesting.

- marina

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Wanna go with? My Friend Sonja invited me. She says:

"As of now, the Freelancers Union can do nothing for us, because it is
a New York organization. In NYC they mostly benefit members by
providing a place to buy healthcare, and they run a health clinic, but
they also sometimes lobby to change local laws that harm independent
contractors. HOWEVER, it seems kind of crazy that there wouldn't/
couldn't be a branch in the Bay Area, which I guess is why the founder
is coming to town.

I like the idea of this union, their logo is pretty - I admire the
founder, I'm going to this. u r invited."

Shani Aviram
Composer and Radio Producer