Hey Charley!

That's a very generous offer, thank you! :)

I have access to Omni's Wave account and it looks like I can manually add any payments sent. Just let me know when you do so and I'll make sure it's properly recorded.

Much gratitude!


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On Sat, Dec 20, 2014 at 1:47 PM, Charley Sheets <rcsheets@acm.org> wrote:
On 2014-12-20 13:14, Maximilian Klein wrote:
Hi Charley, normally the treasurer (at the moment Marc Juul,
previously myself) pays this bill out of the funds that are donated to
sudo room through gratipay. https://gratipay.com/sudoroom/ [2]

So if you want to contribute to the bill, then the best way is to
contribute to sudo room on gratipay.

Thanks Max. However I'm already contributing on gratipay, and I don't see any way to make a one-time contribution. I'm already contributing the most I feel comfortable with at the moment, on a weekly basis.

When I saw this invoice and clicked on the link, I noticed the amount due was adjustable, so it occurred to me that I might be able to contribute e.g. by paying the PG&E portion of the bill.

Of course I don't want to cause a problem for the Sudo treasurer or the Omni finances working group. If paying online would be problematic, I will see about sending a check. I'm leaving town tomorrow and won't return until January, so I can't hand-deliver a check as Sarah suggested.

Is there a mailing address where I could send a check?

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