Nah, but I could do with the extra 7 years of life expectancy females have in this society.  And it would be great if OO had a more balanced gender mix at meetings,  maybe we wouldn't make quite so many dumb decisions. And what makes you think I was born this way?  You can't imagine someone choosing to look like me?

On 12/11/2013 11:10 AM, Hol Gaskill wrote:
unfortunately predominantly cursed with a Y chromosome
are you ashamed of the way you were born?

Dec 10, 2013 09:23:10 PM, wrote:

    Greetings cronies,


    Every Sunday Occupy Oakland meets at OGP (e.g. Frank Ogawa Plaza) at
    2PM for what is rather grandiloquently still referred to as General
    Assembly, but lately it has been colder then the proverbial bucket
    full of penguin guano and we would like to have our meetings at the
    sudoroom common space through the end of January if no one objects
    unduly.  These days GA is perhaps a dozen folks, mostly dotards like
    me, unfortunately predominantly cursed with a Y chromosome.  We
    almost never riot and torch the town these days, mostly just rehash
    the previous weeks' political actions and plan the next weeks'
    protests against the evil empire.   These days our main focus is
    labor & debtor solidarity, anti-repression organizing (e.g.
    police brutality and surveillance), and attempts to protect the
    commons & the environment. 


    Also, we would like to participate in the crypto-parties next Sunday
    and in January.  We certainly want to figure out how to protect our
    own communications from being unduly monitored by the state and
    Daniel & I may try and train a few of our folks how to use the
    Wordpress interface for our web site.  Anywho, I plan to attend the
    sudoroom weekly meeting tomorrow after the Oakland
      Privacy Working Group meeting and see if anyone objects to our
    presence for the next month and a half. 


    Solidarity whenever,


    Ed the Red



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