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Hey sudoers,

Here's the tl;dr version of tonight's meeting. Thanks for everyone who
showed up, paid attention and participated. We had a lot to wade through!

* OMNI ACCESS: More caution around access to the Omni during these
transitionary summer months is needed. If you open the door for
someone, make sure you either know they're a member, or if they're a
guest, take accountability for them. Give tours. Perhaps end the tour
back at the door if you feel that's wise.
** Suggestions to the issue of access included signage both outside
the door (that we're not yet open to the public) and inside (process
for dealing with visitors); designated 'open hours' or a 'Newbie
Night' with designated greeters; clarification/accessibility of
membership list, otherwise non-members should be sponsored by a member
or leave.

* CONSENSUS WROUGHT: Sudo Room agrees to pay into Omni's standing
funds for July (we would otherwise not have had to pay rent for July,
but decided to contribute to the Omni Collective's near-term
resilience and operating expenses. (10 unanimous yays)

* CONSENSUS WROUGHT: Sudo Room agrees that the Omni should pay our
lawyer ($816), though the larger bill's invoice should be documented
transparently prior to consensus. (10 unanimous yays)

* OMNI VOTING PROCEDURE PROPOSAL: A general sense expressed that the
current proposal is overly simplistic and dangerously susceptible to
manipulation by interested parties who block a vote to turn it toward
majority rule. Suggestion that the Omni delineate the kinds of
decisions it makes and how to go about voting for them (for example,
Sudo Room's process calls for a 2/3 majority vote in conflict
resolution procedures, full consensus for changes to our Articles, etc;)

* CONSENSUS PROPOSAL: "If the Omni Oakland Collective or any of its
member collectives bans a person from its space for reasons of
safety,that person is immediately and automatically banned from
(10 unanimous yays by 8 members and 2 provisional members)

** Liz finally voted in after 2 weeks without quorum! hooray!!
** Whitney: Civil engineer, working on a public art piece, working
with electronics, want to learn, contribute, share tools; working on a
property access gate and wants to learn more about hardware and
wiring. Daniel says Whitney has shown his interest in Sudo.
** Torrie Fischer: Ohioan, started Synhack hackerspace. Came to Bay
Area and was inspired by Noisebridge to start Synhack. C, python,
linux, machinist, construction; helping w/ noisebridge reboot; wants
to participate in a variety of communities. Torrie helped a member
with soldering.
** TJ Mosely: Electrical engineer, nuclear engineering. Interested in
power systems, embedded systems. Based in Oak / San Leandro, etc;
wants to build a doggie treadmill. TJ volunteered today for hours on
Omni construction.

* CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Accusation that Phil is complicit with state
surveillance. This is not necessarily a two-party situation, as Daniel
is speaking for the safety and livelihood of others. Call for solidarity.
** Conflict Steward: Whitney
** Mediator: Hol

Notes recorded for posterity at:
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