Hey folks,

Our new board nominees are: April, Leslie, 5c077 (Scott E), and scotts (4 total). Final ayes or nays for these candidates should be stated at the next Sudo meeting (Weds. January 31st @7pm). Remember that the final number of board members should be odd.

I am formally stepping down from the board, and Max has already stated his intent to step down. That leaves the continuing board members as: Anca M, Hol G, Jenny R, Julio R, Liberty M, Marc J [treasurer], Marina K, Matt S, Naomi M, Romy I, and Troy M (11 total).

Liberty, Naomi, Romy and Troy: Do you still desire to be board members? I ask because we didn't hear from you when the board was called together to do tax/incorporation stuff recently.

Take care,