There are definitely lots of women around doing embedded systems stuff Romy!  Do you know about Women Who Code?  They are software focused but know lots of people who go to their events are into hardware too, and they have really great study groups and meetups!

Sometimes it is just easier to network internationally with other women. 

There is also AdaCamp coming up in June,   It's going to be fabulous.... and there will be hardware stuff happening and a hackathon...

- Liz

On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 4:59 PM, Romy Ilano <> wrote:
Paul your points are valid. Thanks for letting me know... I don't want to send too much stuff like this to the list

 I struggle with these issues myself.


Romy Ilano
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On Apr 1, 2013, at 16:47, Paul Ivanov <> wrote:

> Hi Romy,
> we haven't met, but I wanted to relay to you that the *style* of
> your email made me feel a bit uneasy and made me doubt your
> commitment to the *content* : namely that you want to see more
> women in tech.
> In my experience, regardless of gender identity, the technical
> ability is not the *only* issue keeping more folks from
> participating in tech events, whereas the atmosphere often can
> be. In particular, think of how intimidating it would be for
> someone new who might otherwise consider going to this event were
> it not for your implied expectation of technical prowess at the
> risk of being dismissed as being just a "marketing" type. And
> vice versa for someone with serious tech chops to think twice
> about their appearance (which may normally include wearing high
> heels, for example).
> best,
> --
> Paul Ivanov
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