- about 50’ of 3-wire cable, to replace the 2-wire cable for the 4 basement furnaces’ thermostats, was procured and is staged in the basement furnace room in a paper bag. Also staged there are appropriately-sizes hammer-in cable staples. 


On Tue, Oct 19, 2021 at 21:10 David Keenan <dkeenan44@gmail.com> wrote:
* by the foot, not by the door

On Tue, Oct 19, 2021 at 21:09 David Keenan <dkeenan44@gmail.com> wrote:
- Task: Replace short lengths of existing 2-wire thermostat cable, with 3-wire min.18 gauge (18/3, solid or stranded) thermostat cable, connecting all basement furnaces with their thermostats (not needed for disco room furnace). These furnaces serve basement, entrance hall, and ballroom.

- Reason: So we can have the option of running fans without heat - to help filter air even when heat isn’t needed - in order to reduce COVID risk/spread in the building (especially during events etc.) 

Anyone who has done basic inside wiring for telco / internet should be able to run this cable, which can be purchased by the door or in spools from HD for cheap. I don’t think we’ll need more than about 75’ in length at most. 

It is not necessary to attach the cable to thermostat or furnace, just run the cable. I can come attach it to thermostats and furnaces. 

One way to do this would be to:

- remove any staples / ties  affixing old cable 

- strongly tape new cable to ethe end of existing cable 

- pull old cable (connected to the new cable) through 

If anyone has spoons to take this on lmk. There are a lot of building maintenance tasks rn, and I don’t know when I’ll get to this. Omni is getting ballroom rental requests needed for omnis bottom line, and for everyone’s safety we really should have this feature in place before hosting public events. So, it is pressing, if there is a volunteer.