I just moved into a new house, and the front gate has 125 kilohertz RFID keys. They're super simple to work with, and even parallax and Adafruit has hardware that makes it easy to hack.

Ace monster toys uses the same type of system

On 5 Feb 2016 3:24 pm, "Jake" <jake@spaz.org> wrote:
why do more than 3 people need keys?


On Fri, 5 Feb 2016, Dante Cassius wrote:

I strongly feel that security keys probably aren't a good route, for the
simple reason that there are a TON of places that can and will copy
security keys, even though they're not supposed to. Went through this
trying to get an apartment key copied one time and it's seriously not
hard or even that expensive. It's not much of an additional barrier if
somebody wants to give keys to all their friends.

On Fri, Feb 5, 2016 at 3:05 PM, David Keenan <dkeenan44@gmail.com>
      I agree with Jake; this issue is also why I reccomended
      around May of last year that for non-card keys, we get
      security keys that can't be so copied easily. That means we
      can't make our own keys for the front door as we now do, but
      in this instance that's a good thing imo. 
The cost would be about $360. (In addition, I think we should get
a locker that auto-locks, as others have suggested.)

The email I sent back then: 

Requesting this money be transferred to the building card to
purchase a security lock for the front door. 

Budget sheet:

Ronald Reed over at Reed Bros recommended the following
high-security lockset (that is physically hard to copy): 

1x Schlage single-sided deadbolt B560 x 626 ('626'=metal-colored

1x Primus cylinder 40-700-626 (for the deadbolt)

Lockset total: $179.00

Primus keys:
# of initial copies of keys: 20 keys.
20x keys: $150

Project cost:
$329.00 + $31.26 tax = $360.26. 

This is obvs more than $2.25/ea for regular keys, but a lot less
than $13-14/ea as for other high-security keys. 

The keys are:
- stamped with a serial so they can only be made at Reed.
- can be additionally individually serialized (no extra charge)
which I think we should do.
- can be restricted by what we decided IE only copied by a certain
set of individuals with ID. 

The Primus keys have normal bumps but also angular divots on the
side. They have an advantage in that, they can also be used with
regular, existing, non-security cylinders for say interior doors
inside the building. 'Standard' keys made to only open the
interior door would conversely not be able to open the
high-security exterior door. If that makes sense.

I want to state that I think getting a 'standard' lockset rather
than a high-security one would be counterproductive and just a
waste of our money, time, energy. Stamping 'do not copy' on a
regular key, will do next to nothing. If we don't get a
high-security lockset, I am against spending any money on rekeying
the door. 

Reed Bros will ask for ID when using any card (ATM or credit).
Therefore your name has to be on the card, or you have to pay
cash. So if your name is not on the card or you don't have ID, be
prepared to get cash from the Bank of the West ATM first.

I am happy to install the lock or Matt will probably be way better
at it. If you get 20 keys, ask for them to be individually
serialized. We should then record somewhere, who gets which key. 

We may want to ask people who want a key to pay for them or pay
the omni back for them..

Provided everyone agrees, I will get these as soon as funds are


On Saturday, January 23, 2016, danarauz@gmail.com
<danarauz@gmail.com> wrote:
      Also, something that I have noticed it that the door
      doesn't have a handle from the inside, so the door
      bounces out easily, or doesn't reach the position to
      lock as easy, so one has to grab the push bar and pull
      in, then the door can lock. Well, that is what I have
      noticed before and this morning when I came in.
If we lost track of who has the key or copies, then I
support the re-keying too.

Repeating link sent by Laura:
Sign up for a front door shift
here: https://ethercalc.com/omni-front-desk

On Sat, Jan 23, 2016 at 1:20 PM, Laura Turiano
<scylla@riseup.net> wrote:
      It may be time to re key the front door, but I
      want to point out that there is a process to
      receive an actual key:

      It would be great to find different hardware
      that is more robust and doesn't need relocking
      but we dont have money for that right now.

      When there is an event, the event holder is
      supposed to have someone stationed at the door
      to let people in and tell them where to go.

      If people are smoking the door should still be
      closed. They should also be 20 feet away from
      the door or windows.

      Sign up for a front door shift here:


      discuss mailing list


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