I ported a game engine to the pi a while back and several first-person shooter games. My goal was to test the capabilities of the pi's GPU since it has an interesting hardware implementation of 3d rendering algorithms.

The game engine is also used to test overclocking stability since apparently, no other software running on the pi heats up the cpu like this engine:

On Sat, Jan 2, 2016 at 3:49 PM, Jake <jake@spaz.org> wrote:
that sounds like a great utility for this pi.  It doesn't have any free space left on its little disk though, so streaming is the only way to do it.

also it doesn't seem to have npm.  and node is version v0.10.29  :(

feel free to get in there and upgrade stuff!


On Sat, 2 Jan 2016, Stephen Whitmore wrote:

Oh cool! R-pis are awesome. :)

I started a project a while back that would let you send YouTube[1]
videos to the Pi from any computer on the network, in a chromecast-like
fashion. It's incomplete, but I'll fiddle with getting it setup and
maybe even finished next time I'm in: https://github.com/noffle/youtubedl-cast

[1] or any of the *many* youtube-dl compatible websites

On 12/31  02:10, Jake wrote:
i setup a raspberry pi connected to the big TV in sudoroom

if you need keyboard/mouse action it's plugged into #1 on the
keyboard/video/mouse switch on the red wooden standing desk (next to the big
TV) although the LCD monitor of that switch is not connected to the pi.

you can ssh into it at its static IP which is

learn how to make it display things:

mplayer -vo none recording.wav

the speakers work :)
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