Have we thought about the legal and ethical issues surrounding search engine accessibility of personal details in the asked to leave page? It seems the page is search engine accessible and nowadays many  employers google people before hiring them.  

It may be more appropriate to leave out the last name and picture from search engine indexes unless the page is accessed directly or within Omni.

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On Aug 4, 2016, at 12:35 AM, Patrik D'haeseleer <patrikd@gmail.com> wrote:

Just for the record:

Arif Shaikh showed up for the Open Insulin meetup at CCL this evening (Aug/3/2016). We had discussed banning him at the Working Meeting yesterday, but wanted to verify his ban status at BioCurious first. Maureen talked to him, and he volunteered the information that he is currently permanently banned from BioCurious, which makes our decision a bit easier. (We would likely have banned him anyway otherwise, because several existing CCL members had already indicated that he made them uncomfortable, and that they would not feel safe having him work in the lab.)

Since CCL honors ban reciprocity with other hackerspaces, I pulled Arif aside and informed him that he is automatically banned from CCL as well, and therefore the entire Omni building. He would first have to resolve his ban from BioCurious to be able to lift his ban at CCL. He may still participate in projects online over zoom (didn't see a point in banning him from that, or any way to enforce it anyway). 

I did forget to mention that he should also update his LinkedIn status to reflect that he is no longer an independent researcher at CCL and BioCurious.

I've attached a picture from his LinkedIn page, which will be included on the Omni Asked to Leave page.


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