Hi All,

As per last night's discussion at the meeting I would like to suggest the following:

The Omni building be declared a scent-free workplace. There are many such offices, etc., especially in the Bay Area. This means anyone entering the building is required to refrain from using perfumes (except natural ones from a health food store), hairsprays, deodorants, scented makeup, etc.

All cleaning products and the like should be free of scents (many very fine natural ones are available), paint or other building improvement products should be free of scents and chemicals if at all possible (there are paints that are chemical free and have no odor.)

However, any member project producing an odor or unavoidable smoke or odor from a room improvement that can't be avoided, should be exempt from any restrictions. In such cases, the membership should be informed of such project's timeline, so affected members can avoid building use at such times.

Have a funny day.
Ira Brightman (The Life-Extension Comedian)