Awesome! I love the inverse coloring.

A little information about the design- The cube is generated from a 3d model and the sides are not parallel because they are in perspective. At the rotation that it is at in the original design, with the vanishing points of the lines on a parallel horizon, the foreshortening looks natural (I think) and makes the cube look more 3d.

Rotated and set next to a parallel line of text, the effect is lost and takes on the look of an unnatural perspective.

The dots are no constellation in particular, just meant to be a representation of the kind of graph that could depict networks, molecules, mate bubbles, or constellations of stars. Props to Marina for the overall idea.

On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 3:48 PM, Marina Kukso <> wrote:
i really like the slight modification of the current logo!

- marina

On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 3:47 PM, rusty lindgren <> wrote:
I'm down. 

On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 3:28 PM, Matthew Senate <> wrote:
Hahah, where did those people come from??

I like the idea of printing shirts sooner rather than later with the original logo before we change to a new one. Will be a great memento.

Very excited!

// Matt

On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 2:47 PM, Daniel Finlay <> wrote:
Hi Sudoers,

I've received some inquiries about when we could do a second batch of sudo shirts.  Herein I will lay the groundwork for such shirts to happen.

First of all, today I was struck with a very simple sudo shirt design, which combines a few ideals that I've developed from my time screen printing:  Using a colored shirt, minimizing ink use through tactful shirt color choice, creating focus from the graphical elements instead of the text.  Also since this design would be a one-screen design, it would be ideal for doing an in-house screen printing workshop using water based inks (another environmentally superior decision), not to mention the possibility of keeping the screen on location for impromptu sudo prints.

This design is not actually the original sudo-button .svg that goes around.  I modified this one (attached) to enhance the lines, fix a couple corner-jag issues, and to tweak some of the sides to be more parallel.

I'm pretty sure the edges are not all "perfectly parallel" here, and if we have any illustrator gurus on the list, that might be a cool thing to do.  That said, this is a more precise sudo logo than we've had before, let me know if the subtle imperfections were cherished and I can revert this design.  (Btw- What's the constellation depicted?  Any?)

I and other sudo members have volunteered to donate the labor involved in producing these shirts, which would bring the price down to "cost", which will be $4.55 per shirt (American Apparel runs more expensive, but has some good-labor practices, so unless there's another preferred manufacturer, it seems the morally superior choice for now).

I donated the previous batch of shirts, but I'm currently donating what I can per month in dollars, so I'd like the Sudo Room's help to buy the blank shirts.  If resold at $20 each, there would be a 339% profit on each shirt sold, which is probably a good thing to ask, since it doesn't require change, and it's a fundraising shirt anyway.

So:  How's support for this design, and at $4.55/shirt, how many would we like Sudo Room to stock up on?

When the time to print comes around, I'll organize the volunteer effort, thanks for all the offers I've received!

-Dan Finlay

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